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If you are planning on launching at Weston, the below information from the council will help.................

Knightstone Slipway Permit Scheme - User regulations


The notes and advice given on the following pages are based on the local bylaws and the rules and regulations offered by the RYA and BWS global organisations.

 As a permit user you agree to abide by the directions of North Somerset Council Officers and to comply with the information included in these regulations at all times.


 A completed application form

 £2 million public liability insurance – a copy will be held by North Somerset Council




 Personal Water Craft and Sailing Vessels may only launch from Knightstone slipway.

 Craft must be ready for launch before accessing the slipway.

 Checks and maintenance must not be carried out on the slipway or promenade.

 Refuelling must not take place on the slipway or promenade.

 Trailers must be parked on the promenade (retaining safe access for the land train and the public

 Vehicles must not park on the slipway, promenade or Marine Plaza

 There is no slipway access for vehicles not towing

 Your ID sticker must be on display on your vehicle and trailer

 On the water

 Drive safely and be considerate of all water users

 Stay 80m from the shoreline

 Stay 50m from the Grand Pier

 7 knot speed restriction inshore of the end of the pier and Knightstone Island


 Stay safe at sea

Wear a lifejacket

Check tides and weather

Check engine and fuel

Carry a VHF radio

Tell others where you are going and when you’ll be back


 If you do not abide by the regulations and code of conduct the following

action will be taken by North Somerset Council:

 First occasion

a verbal warning from a North Somerset Council officer

Second occasion 

a written warning (to you and your club) from North Somerset Council

Third occasion

 your permit will be revoked and you will be banned from using this facility



Emergency inc Coastguard           999

Seafront Ranger Service                07776 170 279 / 07776 170 181

Seafront Office                                 01934 626 982


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Knighstone slipway signage