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Frequently asked questions

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  1. How do I Join Weston Bay Water Sports Club?

  2. Where can I find Weston Bay Water Sports Club?

  3. Who is on the committee?

  4. Who founded the club and when?

  5. What are the benefits of being a member?


How do I Join Weston Bay Water Sports Club?

There are a number of ways to join

  • Send an email to chris@westonski.co.uk and we'll post you an application form

  • Pop into the Pavilion opposite the slipway at Knightstone Island, Weston Super Mare and pick up an application form

  • Fill in an on-line application found under "joining info" in the menu on the left

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Where can I find Weston Bay Water Sports Club?

Weston Bay Water Sports club does not have an official club house, as such it has adopted "The Pavilion" bar which is located opposite the slipway at Knightstone Island, Weston Super Mare, U.K.

This is where you will find club members both before and after the on the water activities, it's also the venue for regularly organised social meetings (drinking sessions!) plus all of the committee meetings take place at this venue, it provides a great view of the bay and also the slipway. so even if your not boating you can watch those that are, whilst enjoying the hospitality of George the landlord.

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Who is on the committee?

Steve Benny, Chairman.

Garin Cope, Vice Chairman.

Richard Green, Secretary.

Rob Solomon, Treasurer.

Richard Green, President, Membership.

Chris Reeves, Publicity.

Simon Dowling, Racing.

Tony James, Commitee member.

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Who founded the club and when?

The Club like several West Country clubs was founded by a few local friends who enjoyed using their boats and socialising together. John Lowe was the first Chairman in 1965 and it was his and his friends effort and hard work that has given us a solid platform to build the growing Club we have today.

Weston Bay itself is in the Bristol Channel and subject to the two daily tides which has given it the reputation of Weston Super Mud, which is left in view below the beach line when the tides go out. However when the water is in for its five hour period, Weston is the ideal location for water-skiing. The extended slipway was organised by the Club in conjunction with the local authority grants and is one of the few free access slips in the U.K. The Club also has its own launch vehicle and a selection of kit for hire.

In the sixties and seventies the main boats were 12 to 14ft with 50hp engines and even in those days the Club had a strong presence of racing member as well as social skiing and strong social après ski members. Nothing has changed apart from the sizes of the boats and engines and I am delighted to confirm that the social activities on our beautiful seafront have already started this year and will continue into late October (Weather permitting).

The Club has always tried to lead within the Water-skiing fraternity and we are an SBDA test center for boat driving and have our own beginners teachers together with a wealth of experienced members who are happy to give guidance on Boats, engines, equipment and safety to anyone who needs it (or is willing to be bored to death at times). We are the current National Racing Team Champions with several individual formula champions in the Club. However we have a full series of "fun races/events" on the water which is why our membership has increased over the years.

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What are the benefits of being a member?

Benefits of Being a member are many here are just a few:

  • Free use of club tractor for launching and recovery of boats (subject to completing necessary test)

  • Regular Newsletter, Keeping you in touch with what's going on in and around the Club, The latest gossip, details of forthcoming events etc.

  • Regularly Organised social events, whether just gathering for a drink to discuss all aspects of Water Sports or a Dinner Dance.

  • Organised Club Races, every one can have a go, you don't need to be a serious racer with a high powered boat to get involved.

  • Facility through the Club to take the test for the Ski Boat Driver award, both the written and practical aspects.

  • Training available from learning to Ski, through to a Deep water start on Mono behind a Race Boat.

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